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0:00 Intro
0:05 NFS Carbon
0:30 Colin Mcrae Dirt
1:00 Sega Rally Revo
1:30 NFS Pro Street
2:00 Colin Mcrae Dirt 2
2:30 NFS Shift
3:00 NFS Nitro
3:30 NFS World
4:00 WRC (2010)
4:30 Gran Turismo 5
5:00 Test Drive Unlimited 2
5:30 NFS Shift 2
6:00 DIRT 3
6:30 GRID 2
7:00 Gran Turismo 6
7:45 GRID Autosport
8:15 Forza Horizon 2
8:45 Forza Horizon 3
9:15 Forza 7
9:45 Forza Horizon 4
10:15 GRID
10:45 NFS Heat

Hello guys, so decided to make a video about famous Subaru Impreza WRX STi Hawkeye (personally my favourite Impreza). As you can see it has been in many famous racing games and still is, such as Grid, NFS, Forza and Dirt. As you now this car was most famous for rallying, so as I should, I included some Rally Games. Sorry for not uploading it frequently as before, but I was away and Im trying to change look of my videos. Hope you like it.
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