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➔ Fire Truck Games lovers! Get ready to become a real fireman. Keep the safe city. The best fire fighting game simulator of 2020.

• 5 amazing fire trucks
• Realistic 3D graphics
• Huge city
• Sirens, lights, horn, signals
• Exciting missions
• AI cars, traffic lights
• Different camera angles
• Steering wheel, arrows
• Realistic sound effects

When you playing Fire Truck Games, your truck will be your biggest vehicle to fulfill your mission while playing fire truck games. Therefore, your truck must be ready for emergencies and wait full of water. It is not as easy to pour water into your truck as you might think. You should carefully place your truck under the water tank and water hose and not exceed the maximum water level when filling. Otherwise, it is difficult to control your vehicle when it is on the road, and it can make the roads dangerous.

Firefighters, people in daily life, animals, plants that provide vital security, items that do not burn at the fire station. Although it is one of the first facilities used for emergencies, the tasks of firefighters are quite difficult. They have to risk their own lives for the lives of others. Then they get a special education, use special equipment and tools and it’s definitely not a game. But on our website you are involved in all aspects of fire fighting with fire fighting driving simulator. We are able to extinguish fires playing games.

Dealing with fire and flame is a very dangerous and exhausting task. If you wish, you can participate in these fire fighting games, master the challenges and experience unique adventures. The most important element for this is time. As you must extinguish the fire as quickly as possible, you must not let everything be ash. To do this, he will slip off the fire posts and try to leave the building on time. More specifically, you will try to reach the chimney with your red fire truck.
Although it seems to be similar to car games, fire games require more attention and commitment. You must be careful and quick when driving with the fire truck. However, you will face dozens of obstacles when you get home. Each obstacle is another risk for you. Therefore, you must overcome obstacles one after another and reach the fire area without tilting your vehicle.

Once you have overcome the fearful and challenging obstacles, you must establish a strategy when you reach the field of fire. This not only helps you to extinguish the fire faster, but also to use your water efficiently. The right strategy leads to success. To do this, consider the versatility, the characteristics of the fire area, the items to be rescued and your own equipment.
Once you have reached the fire area and defined your strategy, you must connect the fire hose, open the fire valves and intervene in the fire. If you intervene on time and do it on time, you can get high scores.