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Verstappen the current F1 World Champion – but he’s one of the top three sim drivers in the world.

And nobody has done that before – been right at the pinnacle of both sports.

So in a world where being a pro sim driver is a full-time job, how does he do that AND win the F1 World Drivers Championship?

Well, it’s down to his specific technique, so let’s break it down.

Look at this – this is Max driving at Bathurst. One of the most technically challenging circuits on the planet, and he is driving flat out, right up close to the walls – leaving ZERO margin and completely understanding his car.

It’s Max’s qualifying lap at the iRacing Bathurst 12-hour last year. He is in the top tier, racing the best sim drivers and teams in the world. He set a time four-and-a-half tenths faster than ANYONE ELSE.

Four and a half tenths is a lot in real-world racing – where conditions can change a lot – making the track faster, or a driver could get a tow and gain half a second.

But in the sim, it’s just each driver and the lap. Nobody else is on the circuit and identical conditions – then four and a half tenths is a massive amount.

Then this – it’s the start of Le Mans Virtual this year. He starts fourth and makes an incredible launch to first before the first chicane – he then runs away with it. Pulling out an enormous lead (before the game crashes – but that’s another story).

He’s racing pro esports drivers like James Baldwin, ex-F1 drivers like Romain Grosjean, F2 Champion Felipe Drugovich – and drivers who have won the real Le Mans 24.

And Max calmly drove away from them.

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