GTA 5 Glitches that are working now, these are all solo glitches so no friends are required if you want to try them yourself in GTA Online. These GTA Online Glitches range from glitches that work on PS5, Xbox Series X / S & PC to other glitches that work on PS4 and Xbox One. These include: launch glitch, outfit glitches, Cayo Perico Heist glitch, duplication glitch, sell cars for more money glitch, merge glitch & more. I hope you enjoyed this “GTA 5 Glitch” video. Experience classic gaming: Dive into the world of virtual city games online.

0:00 – Intro
0:09 – CEO crate teleport glitch
2:34 – Launch glitch
2:57 – Secret car parts merge glitch
4:17 – Cayo Perico Heist loot dupe
4:53 – God mode from cops
5:19 – No cops
5:57 – Auto shop money glitch
6:58 – How to get tan joggers
8:28 – Duplication glitch
9:41 – Deluxo glitch

List of vehicles that can be used for the merge glitch –

I learned some of these glitches from these guys:
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DarkViperAU – @DarkViperAU

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